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Radio Sporting is looking for you

On the verge of finishing the season 2018/19 we already opened the “transfer market”. Come to the rojiblanca radio. In Radio Sporting you can be the protagonist, wherever you are.


Do you like to talk about Sporting among friends? Do you like to write about your team, count your trips, your matches …?, Would you like to be in a dynamic project with projection? Do you handle yourself well? in social networks ?, Do you feel the Sporting like anybody ?, Do you follow the second B, third, female, regional …?, do you like sports in general ?, Do you want to record a podcast and hear yourself? in Radio Sporting ?, would you like to narrate matches ?, Do you have a business or company and you want to advertise on our platforms? (web, radio APP …), do you want to help us grow with your ideas? If the answer to any of these questions is “YES”, do not hesitate to contact us to form a great team at the beginning of the season next, we’ll wait for you! We’ll get in touch with you and explain all the options at your disposal, no matter where you live with our formula you’ll always be close to Sporting, making programs with us, making your own programs, chronicles, articles opinion, video blog … Everything you can think of can have a place in Radio Sporting, because Radio Sporting does it for you.




Radio Sporting
Radio Sporting
Radio Sporting nace en 2012 de un grupo de seguidores del Real Sporting de Gijón y del mundo de la radio, con la idea de contar todo lo relacionado con el Sporting y con el fútbol en general.

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