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Salvador: “We are professionals and we will fight to the end”

The training this morning began with a technical talk before doing exercises in the gym. Later they jumped to the usual terrain of the facilities of Mareo to continue the preparation between the match of Saturday.

Photos: Chus Monteserín

Few developments in the week before the game against Albacete, Sporting trained this morning in Mareo after receiving a tactical talk from his coach to later perform exercises in the gym facilities. The ball was the protagonist in the third part of the training to which Ivi López already joined that on Wednesday he could not complete. In the rehabilitation section Aitor García, Diego Mariño and Isma Cerro continue with their recovery and Álvaro Jiménez stays with physiotherapy.
The cheerful note of the day was given by the staff photographing the little Mario who lost his beloved shirt signed by the staff and that his parents through social networks had made an appeal to find her, finally Lola a girl found her and gave it back to her, his owner, as a reward, the staff gave him a red and white shirt, no doubt the time of day. The new Friday and last appointment to face the third classified at 18: 00h in El Molinón Enrique Castro Quini.




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