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Many consolation of …

A match inconsequential but to draw conclusions and start to see developments for the next season. You will see a Sporting without the pressure of the result and probably with an unprecedented midfield in the championship.

Last training of the present week and press conference of José Alberto that drops some news for Saturday’s game against Albacete in which Sporting has no chance of reaching the playoffs and precisely without that pressure that took its toll on the last matches and results, will go to the field to try to compete before one of the revelation teams of the season.
There will be no call, as usual in home matches, until minutes before the start of the game, to those discarded by safe injuries, Mariño and Isma Cerro, they can join Alex Alegría who could not finish the preparatory session. Ivi López and Álvaro Jiménez are doubtful because they did not complete the sessions and have different recovery jobs. Apart from the case of Aitor García, who was also injured but could not be in the game against Cádiz, he could have minutes if forcing him is an option. Sporting has enough apperceptions of suspension, which makes Saturday’s game the last, perhaps, for some.



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